Documentary Review

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the Reading Terminal market, center city Philadelphia, to buy my green stuff for the week. I decided try some watercress and add it to my falafel. That was on a Sunday. I had quite a bit of it leftover so I put close to a cup of it in a salad, on Monday, with tomato and avocado. An hour or so after I ate that salad, I began to have some tightness in my chest. Because I am also lactose intolerant, and the tightness felt the same as when I have eaten dairy, without a lactaid tablet, I knew that the tightness was a sign of an accumulation of mucus.

Later that evening, on the telephone with my sister, I started to cough. I felt as if I was coughing to get rid of something, and after a minute, I had to put the phone down and make my way to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe the amount of mucus that I expelled. Afterwards, the tightness in my chest was gone, but I was a little perplexed. I hadn’t had any dairy in months, and the only different vegetable I had consumed was the watercress. After I hung up from my sister, I consulted Google. Yep! Watercress removes phlegm and mucus from the lungs. Very rapidly.

Because I have been healing from celiac disease, a disorder that can only be managed completely removing gluten (and cross reactive foods) from the diet, I have become all too familiar with the power of fruits, vegetables and herbs to heal the body.  As it turns out, every fruit and every vegetable, in addition to providing the body with the vital nutrients that it needs, can address the majority of our disorders. Better yet, if we took what Hippocrates said seriously, allowing food to be our medicine and medicine to be our food, we could eliminate chronic disease. But there is a larger connection between food and healing and this is where the documentary Food As Medicine takes center stage.

What happens when we begin to understand the relationship between the health of our bodies and the foods that we consume? Well there is a fast growing movement in the United States that is doing just that, and that is what this inspiring documentary is all about. What this documentary suggests, for those who do not have any chronic disease and who may be out of the loop on self-healing trends, is that we may not have to worry as much as we have been about the pharmaceutical industrial complex being out of control and the high cost of medicines. The more people discover the power of consuming fruits and vegetables that nourish and heal the body, the less likely they will turn to drugs, making organic fruits and vegetables as American as apple pie.

Now before you blow your stack, let me say this: No one is saying that there is no role for allopathic medicine. I do not know of any fruit or vegetable that can heal a broken leg! No one is advising stroke victims to try a superfoods smoothie before they call the paramedics. We need to put the Food as Medicine movement into perspective. There will always be a place for allopathic medicine. It’s just that allopathic medicine is shifting towards its true place in healing or bodies and the planet, and that place is called “alternative.”

The documentary features cases of people suffering from chronic diseases, and all have decided that they want to take their healing into their own hands.  And that’s something else I should point out. Self-healing is not something that is accomplished overnight. Herbs, vegetables and fruits communicate with the body on a non-physical level, and this communication is something that a self-healer must learn, first by discovering that the body is not exactly what we have learned that it is. It is a complex energy system, mostly electrical, just as Dr. Sebi suggested. And what we experience of it on the physical level reflects our consciousness. It always goes back to consciousness.

Unfortunately this documentary is not available on Youtube. If you are a Prime member, or know of one, you can watch it as part of your membership. Enjoy!

Article on the celery juice craze

Again for those who might be out of the loop on the growing popularity of protocols, here is an article about celery juice. People all over the world are juicing this “herb” as part of the food as medicine movement and because it is part of the medical medium, Anthony Williams, protocol.



Mulberry Fields by Lucille Clifton

they thought the field was wasting

and so they gathered the marker rocks and stones and

piled them into a barn    they say that the rocks were shaped

some of them scratched with triangles and other forms    they

must have been trying to invent some new language they say

the rocks went to build that wall there guarding the manor and

some few were used for the state house

crops refused to grow

i say the stones marked an old tongue and it was called eternity

and pointed toward the river    i say that after that collection

no pillow in the big house dreamed    i say that somewhere under

here moulders one called alice whose great grandson is old now

too and refuses to talk about slavery    i say that at the

masters table only one plate is set for supper    i say no seed

can flourish on this ground once planted then forsaken    wild

berries warm a field of bones

bloom how you must i say