I’ve started some research for a sculpture that I am creating in honor of Turiyasangitananda (Alice Coltrane-August 27, 1937-January 12, 2007). Swami Turiya founded an Ashram/Vedic Center, Sai Anantam, in Santa Monica in 1976. Most well-known as a jazz musician and wife of John Coltrane, Turiya was also the receiver of two sacred texts: Endless Wisdom Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.  The following excerpt is from Endless Wisdom – The Second Testament (Vol.2)


“Let peace abide within you always. Cast it not away in retaliation against those who revile you. If a multitude of iniquitous foes encompass round about you, surrender not one modicum of peace. When evildoers strive to provoke you into a confrontation, yield not one iota of peace.


The divine peace that I bestow shall endure, for it is blessed, eternally sacred, and true. It is the peace whereunto sorrows and sufferings can never diminish, nor defeat. Neither effacement, nor calumny, nor beguilement can shatter this peace. Peace, as a benediction of My Mercy, is like unto a curative balm that heals the wounded hearts; that removes suffering and lamentation and makes the spirit glad…”


Endless Wisdom Vol. II, Spirituality Chapter 2, Verses 19-20


This is a short video about Swami Turiya and Sai Anantam community in Santa Monica, California. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94P0pqqjiZ0. The following link is to the song Shanti OM composed and performed by Swami Turiya https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vynRFzYOTS0.

As I am reading about Turiya and her music, I discover other jazz artists who were also writers and poets. The following is an excerpt from SUN RA Collected Works Vol. I, Immeasurable Equation: I Have A Gift to Offer

“I have a gift to offer this planet and music is one of the bridges to the treasure house of it. I am doing what I am supposed to do, I am being what I came here to be. Those who are in tune with Nature can hear what those who are not in tune cannot hear, and then they will know the meaning of the natural beist. The space sea has many sounds of beistness. The Akasa, the unknown acoustics, the alter planes of isness are all a part of everything, the everything and the nothingness of Space Outer.”

Sun Ra (May 22, 1914-May 30, 1993) was a visionary and avant garde musician. I definitely have to be vibrating at a specific frequency to receive his music. This is a link to his “Space is the Place.”




Both of these artists were creating and living in the “New” long before many of us began using the words “New Narrative” or “New Earth Narrative.”