July 16, 2020

I hope that this brief communication from Quarantine Summer, 2020 finds you in good spirits and health. I am reading for the next edition of the blog. In “Towards Stewardship of Earth & Home,” I am exploring African American environmental activism specifically, and activism, in general, and its role in the creation of the New Earth Narrative. I have some great books on hand that I am reading and taking notes on; there are a plethora of articles that contain valuable guiding information on navigating the intersectionality of activism and non-duality. This intersectionality is new to me so I’m not rushing it. But in order to entice you to come back and explore this topic with me, I am posting a couple of articles in “Towards Stewardship of Earth & Home” to get you started. The upcoming essay for “The Call, Rap & RealTalk” will explore “essential” and “nonessential” jobs. I had on hand David Graeber’s book, “Bullshit Jobs,” that I intended to have a quick read of before beginning the essay.  Pulling it from the shelf I discover that it’s the German edition; I’ve reordered, for the obvious reason, and am awaiting the English translation.

There are so many share-worthy thoughts and ideas for “Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations,” that I have not, as of yet, narrowed anything down to a manageable topic that I can put a title on right now.

In this in-between publication’s time, I will continue to read, write, explore and discover. I have included some photos from my garden that I hope that you will enjoy. Gardening is what I love the most about summer, and with all that is happening on the planet, it is my refuge, a fragrant reminder of the Presence that is the ground of all that we are and all that is. 

Until next time, stay safe and more importantly, stay woke. ~Akilah 

NEW July 16, 2020   Towards Stewardship of Earth & Home

You will find two articles: One from Orion Magazine by Saritha Ramakrishna and the second from The New Yorker by Jedediah Purdy. Three videos, “Environmental Justice”: Peggy Shepard; “Endocrine disruption, environmental justice, and the ivory tower,” by Tyrone Hayes, and finally, “The Polluted Generation,” by Penelope Jagessar Chaffer.