This photo doesn’t begin to capture the mural that graces the front of the Dabls Mbad’s African Bead Museum, in Detroit Michigan. The museum and gallery covers nearly a city block, with outdoor sculptures, and mosaic tiled walls. A Detroit gem. I’ll be talking about my Detroit visit, and a few other stops I made over the summer, in Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations

Words to begin with: “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” Rumi


Happy Fall! I love the autumn, the colors, and the whole vibration that comes with it.

This is just a note to let you know that over the next couple of weeks I will be posting the fall, 2018 edition of the blog. You will find the recent posts below. I am taking my time, writing at a slower pace here. I am writing all of the articles for this edition. I’m finishing up a couple of books, allowing myself the opportunity to make some last minute edits. As always, I learn so much writing this blog, and I appreciate the Universe choosing me to do it.

Stay in touch. ~Akilah

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