~from Turtle Island, between the Unami and the Unalachtigo (named Philadelphia 

by the invaders), home of the original inhabitants of this region, the 

Lenne-Lanape whose ancestors I respect and honor

Happy Fall.

Below please find the essay for the section Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations. I am continuing to work on the essay for Towards Conscious Relationship-Earth & Home. I’ve been in creative mode here lately, working on some fiber pieces, but with the gardening season winding down, I look forward to freeing up more time for reading and writing. Please keep in mind that I have eliminated the section on Art, Articles and Book Reviews. There is plenty of space for these topics in the other sections. Check back soon for the final essay that will complete this edition of the blog. I will try not to disappoint you.    

Hope that you will enjoy, be informed and inspired by this 10th year anniversary edition. I’m enjoying creating it. Please leave a comment if you feel so inclined. 

~Akilah t’Zuberi


NEW 10/5/2022 : Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations, Two Years Down the Road 

NEW 8/29/2022 : “I QUIT” The Great Resignation in the Call Rap and Realtalk about the belief in working and earning