Welcome to the blog of Akilah t’Zuberi. Below you will find the sections that are a result of the integration of the Transforming the American Workplace blog, the IWP Shift in Consciousness ezine, and the uncut, unedited blog Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts and Transformations. While I will post new content monthly in the 30Day Workplace Challenge, the Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts, and Transformations sections, and occasionally in QuotesBooks & Articlesall other sections will be published on a quarterly basis. The next publication is June, 2017.

I appreciate your patience as we have been creating the new publication. I would like to thank my daughter and artist, Accra Zuberi, for her assistance, time (mostly sleeping time), and energy that she has dedicated to building this site. The both of us have been burning the midnight oil.

As always, it is my dominant intent to inspire us to the creation of a New Narrative that ushers in a New Earth where we lay aside the practice of the unsustainable belief that we are separate from the Universe.

In joy. ~Akilah

NEW POST! May, 8th, 2017  Ascension Resurrections Shifts & Transformations

NEW POST! April, 25, 2017 30-Day Workplace Challenge