“All power is given you in earth and Heaven. There is nothing that you cannot do.” A Course in Miracles

I didn’t exactly fall off the face of the earth. I did a peace-out for the last year. 

An extended break from the publication was not my conscious intention. Having published the blog since 2013, nearly 7 years, I had to accept that it needed a break from me. Its structure needed to be reexamined. Downsizing, eliminating redundancies has resulted in what was “The Call to Create” being integrated into the section now entitled “Art, Articles, Books and Reviews.” As an artist I grappled with this incorporation because marginalizing and reducing the importance of art is an all too familiar practice in our world, especially when national budgets are reformulated and balanced. What I charged myself to do, however, was to create a more time, artist and writer-friendly publication in order to devote more energy and time to my own art practice.

Another reason for my absence is that I honestly have had nothing to say in the manner that I have been saying it for 7 years. While my focus remains the global shift in consciousness and an unrestricted advocacy for the New Narrative, I will bring more of my contemplative practice to the ideas that I promulgate. Call it a frequency shift. 

Finally, my advocacy will continue to question our assumptions about who we believe we are and the world that we have mis-created. Our beliefs are the basis of the old narrative. With each passing day this story of beliefs and practices grows glaringly more untenable and, despite our desire and best efforts to make it so, irremediable. The task before us is that of creating a New Earth; the task before me is to inspire us to do it. I have found no evidence to suggest that we can’t handle this.  ~Akilah, March 2020


March 18, 2020 Note: the full blog and all articles will be posted during the next 4-5 days. Please check back for the full edition

March 21, 2020 – Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations

March 20, 2020 – Art, Articles, Books and Reviews: (1) Review of the book Executing Grace by Shane Claiborne (2) reading suggestion from New York Times, 2012 “The Ecology of Disease.”

March 19. 2020 – The Call, Rap and Realtalk about the belief in working and earning

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