We’re saying goodbye to an unusually eventful summer. If the fall is going to be as near as out of the ordinary as the summer, then at least we will have longer nights to recuperate.

There is no exaggerating or overgeneralizing to say that focusing on anything but the pandemic, the protests, the environment and, now, the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, is challenging. The days that I normally have set aside for reading and writing have been disrupted by new, and ever-changing CDC guidelines, environmental news and warnings, news of global assaults on Indigenous People and environmental activists. 

But this is also the time when those of us who are advocates for the New Earth Narrative must hold fast and stay the course; so, I continue to read, write, and create.

Below please find the first article for the Fall 2020 edition: an article review and commentary in Art, Articles, and Book Reviews. I will be updating all sections of the blog as the fall unfolds, so please, keep in touch.

Stay safe and stay awake. Enjoy ~Akilah, September 27, 2020

Art, Articles and Book Reviews – Fall 2020