This is the complete December, 2017 winter edition of the blog. I hope that 2017 was all that you hoped for on December 31, 2016, and that 2018 will be all that you hope for on December 31, 2017. I appreciate your allowing me to share some of my ideas on the transformation in consciousness and its impact on the American and global workplace, art, the environment, the interior life and much more. The spring edition will be available March, 2018. In joy ~Akilah

NEW The Call Rap & RealTalk: “The Bottom Line and Learning” 

NEW The Call to Create: “Sweet Potato Pie and Fried Chicken,” Chef Edna Lewis

NEW Return to Divine Stewardship – Planet Walker, John Francis and more

NEW Poetry, Films, and Articles

NEW Berries, Closets, Cleansing and Purging…” in Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts & Transformations