I’ve been seeing some dope skies lately. This shot was taken from the train as it made a stop heading east. Have sunset skies always been this beautiful?

Hope that you are managing with our finicky spring weather. First I’m peeling off the layers, and then pulling out the space heater to knock the chill off. This kind of weather can challenge the patience of any gardener.

I thought I would get a jump on next month’s summer edition, mainly because I dragged my feet on the spring edition. The Natural Alien: Humankind and Environment is an interesting perspective on environmentalism and environmental activism. A  review of it is in line for the summer edition of The Return to Divine Stewardship section. There are other creations lined up for sharing, including a photographic essay on the bright side of Flint, Michigan, that you will find in The Call to Create.

Yes. There is a bright side to Flint, Michigan. Or as Eckhart Tolle so eloquently puts it:  In every seeming disaster, there is a seed of grace. ~Akilah

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