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Here I share with you a brief and general outline of my bio because first, the specific ideas and people that shape it are revealed in my blog articles. Second because the details of my life do not differ from the details of all our lives: we are born into families. We all bring, bar none, talents to express on the physical plane. Some express them, some don’t. We encounter challenges, have regrets and triumphs. We all carry the knowing that we are eternal beings on a brief sojourn in physical form, and our most profound desire is to travel in peace, and exit, spirit intact, mission accomplished. At least that’s the way I see it.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am one of seven children. My father, an only child, was born in Paducah, Kentucky. My mother was born in Covington, Georgia. She was the baby of 22 children. Yeah! Imagine the number of cousins. I have 4 children, 9 grandchildren and rumors of 1 great-grandchild. Sacramento, California and Chicago, Illinois are the two cities I lived in before moving to my current residence in Pennsylvania.  

Traveling is and continues, in various ways, to influence my ideas and life practice.   


I publish a blog focused on the global shift in consciousness and its relationship to beliefs about working and earning. The inveterate belief that one must financially earn currency for the right to live on this planet is worldwide, regardless of language, culture, religion or geography. So ingrained in our psyches is this conviction that to suggest that we are not earners, but creators, is considered heretical.  

I write to inspire us to shift how we see ourselves and our physical experience, to explore the power of imagining and/or visioning a New Earth experience. Purveyors of radical visions are often sentenced to life in the margins. Unlike those who are often admired for espousing ideas that are ahead of their time, we are relegated to a category of madness because our ideas are “out of time.” 

I’ve learned all too well that none of us are in the mood to have the tapestry of our lives deconstructed, seams pulled apart and threads examined. But the consequences of our brief occupation of this planet should be enough evidence for us to abandon this discomfort and welcome and savor ideas for which we have no historical precedent. In writing, I challenge our unfounded faith in being the most intelligent species on this planet, and I will continue to highlight our deleterious assumptions and the arrogance that guards and defends them. I will reiterate as often as possible that we are creators and it does not serve us, our families, communities, human and nonhuman, or the planet to persist in defending the old narrative. 


Some call making things art. I call it an indispensable requirement for living. If I don’t do it, I become disoriented because I deny myself the joy of who I am, a creator, and what sustains my physical life, creating. I make things in fiber and glass. I sculpt, knit, crochet, quilt, upcycle, redesign, and repurpose things. I paint. My maternal great-grandmother, Frankie, is my beloved muse.    


I am an intentional gardener. Gone are the days when I planted flowers and plants with reckless abandon because of how they fit into my garden design. I’m learning about the importance of planting natives and wildflowers. I grow medicinal and culinary herbs, but only what I know I will use or what a friend or family member will use. I will grow herbs upon request. With adopting a nearly 90% plant-based diet, I’m finding it indispensable to hone my composting skills. The small bin that sits in my yard would have been filled if I had put the skins of every banana that I’ve eaten in the last year. Gardening grounds and heals me.  30 minutes of pruning, planting, or cleaning calms me and addresses my concerns. 


My all-time companions are still my all-time companions: A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, although I don’t open ACIM as often as I used to. I’m more challenged now by the directives in ACOL, and I’m reading more poetry.  

While the majority of my writing stems from my interest in the global shift in consciousness, Ascension, Resurrections, Shifts and Transformations is the part of the blog where I explore and share more of my interior world, if I can call it that; I’m finding it more challenging to respect the line of demarcation between the interior and exterior world.

This is basically who I am and what I do from the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love. ~ Akilah, March 2020, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania