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This is an article from Huffington Post, December 2015. This dialogue is so amazingly refreshing and challenging. While there are so many practices that we should give some thought to shifting, there are probably twice as many that we have shifted and are working on shifting. I give this article a huge thumbs up.

May/June 2016

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There is a debate going on about whether or not “mindfulness” can and should be used in the workplace. Some businesses have begun mindfulness training in an effort, maybe, to address the high rate of disengagement among America’s

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While rarely discussed in the mainstream media, an awakening is currently underway: More and more people are coming to realize that what we use as money is not some natural force or omnipotent being, but a magic spell. This spell

Business Shift Thought: A New Narrative Business Model

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Over the past decade, clothing line Alabama Chanin has grown into a multifaceted enterprise. Started by artist Natalie Chanin, the company has embraced a commitment to the cottage industry

The Fashion Industry is Shifting

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  The fashion industry is shifting. “Fast-fashion” is now recognized as one of the main contributors in the degradation of the environment. Whether Adidas is actually concerned here about the environment or just simply trying to save their asses is yet to be revealed. Let’s wait and see what the price tag is on the …