The fashion industry is shifting. “Fast-fashion” is now recognized as one of the main contributors in the degradation of the environment. Whether Adidas is actually concerned here about the environment or just simply trying to save their asses is yet to be revealed. Let’s wait and see what the price tag is on the recycled tennis shoes. Hopefully, Nike will follow suit.1

“The people making Nike gear are females, roughly between the ages of 16-24. In Vietnam, these workers are paid roughly $.20/hr. or $1.60/day.  The cost of eating in Vietnam is $2.60/day. This is how Nike can make a pair of Air Jordans for $5.00 and sell them for $180.00.”

~from Nike’s Track Record, University of Michigan, the Department of Education

Click here to read an article from about 3D-printed shoes made from ocean plastic. 

1 New Balance, a U.S. based company, refuses to outsource and makes quality shoes and sports apparel. NB also pays its workers a fair salary and offers decent benefits.