Job Misery, the Old Narrative and Transforming the American Workplace.

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I will be the first one to admit that when I talk about the transformation of the American workplace and work, I am not talking about solving the problems that we normally associate with workplace misery and job dissatisfaction. I do not discuss pay, job descriptions, co-worker conflict, or office management issues.

Some inspirational words about work from the digital nomad, Steve Zwerink

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For years I thought this was a cool and inspiring picture (the one with the one room lit up in the office building) about entrepreneurship. I thought it reflected perfectly what entrepreneurship was all about: working hard and making long hours to build your company around your dream. Over the last years however, my opinion …

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The New Narrative would replace the “commute” with gathering together in communities in service to ourselves, our communities, and families; after all, what sense does a 2 hour, 5 days a week-commute make when the job does not benefit individuals, families, communities

September/October 2016

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Millions of Americans work at jobs that do not benefit them, their families or their communities. They are operating under the belief that they have no choice in determining what they will do to pay the bills and put food on the table. They believe it’s all about the job market or who’s in the …

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Sometime ago, I wrote an essay on the rising cost of college, student debt and how the bottom line has infiltrated our educational institutions. Well, to avoid being strapped with 10-15 years of student debt, someone has come up with quite a clever new application