Often I am asked how the separation has anything to do with the workplace: how is the separation responsible for workplace misery? And do I really think that employees, not to mention business owners, will buy into such a “new age” idea as creating a workplace that operates for the highest good of all life on the planet?

I would like to address each of these questions, because you may have some of the same questions in mind.

First, let’s know what the separation is. It is a system of beliefs that identifies you as being separate from the causes that determine your life experience.

For example, under the belief in separation, your family’s health history is a dominant factor in determining your health experience. When you visit a health practitioner for the first time, you are normally given a 2 or 3 page questionnaire (normally front and back). Many of these questions will inquire about the health conditions of the members of your immediate family. It is assumed that if there is a history of diabetes in your family, then you too are prone to diabetes. The belief in separation says that you have no control over what is passed on to you at birth; furthermore, you are unable to manage your health experience. It is best to place your physical well-being in the care of a family physician or healthcare professional. The belief that you are not the cause of your health experience is the basis for the existence of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

The belief that you are not the cause of your health experience is an example of the belief in separation. This belief extends to other areas of your life experience as well. If you are not enjoying a vibrant financial experience, you may look to the economy for a cause. If you are having a less than joyful workplace experience, you may attribute your unhappiness to your salary, your responsibilities, your co-workers, your manager, supervisor, the company, etc. Under the belief in separation, you are not the cause of your unhappiness at the job; as a matter of fact, you are not the cause of anything. You have no power to create the conditions in your life.

And you are not alone. The majority of the people in the world believe in the separation. It is a belief that is believed regardless of sex, race, religion, nationality, income, profession, etc. It is a belief that is being challenged, however, by a new belief: there is a relationship between your beliefs/thoughts, emotions and your life experience.

What makes this new belief a challenge to the belief in separation is that you, and only you, are the proof of whether or not it is a valid belief! There is no outside authority that you can turn to for the validation of what only you can discover from shifting your thoughts and beliefs: a new life experience.

Finally the criticism, which is all that the term “new age” means in a conversation about the new belief, is nothing more than a futile effort to continue to separate you from your power to be the “cause” of your life experience. If you are suffering from workplace misery understand that this shift is all that you need make to secure the relief that you are seeking. It will not matter whether business owners “buy” into the new belief. All that is needed, literally, to shift the American workplace is a minority of employees, like you, who have discovered their power to transform their own lives. That transformation includes their workplace experience.

The new belief is so attractive and so empowering that it will eventually be embraced by the majority, which will include many of its critics who may also be business owners and leaders. As to whether or not employees will believe that they can create a workplace that operates for the highest good of all life on the planet, the answer is yes. The new belief takes all life into consideration. When you embrace this new belief you create a new experience that not only operates for your highest good, but for the highest good of all life on the planet. A new American workplace that is operated by employees who know their power is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

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