Winter Ed. 2019    The Call, Rap and RealTalk about the belief in working and earning a living

 I received a comment on an article that appeared on my blog when it was “Transforming the American Workplace.” The reader criticized the article for its lack of logic and coherence. The comments noted that I failed to present any reasonable proof for how a shift in consciousness could result in the creation of a new planetary reality.

I could not agree more with the conclusion; it is true. I rarely, if ever, believe that I am being logical, that what I am saying makes any sense given how we believe that changes come about with a change in behavior.

The ideas that I share are intended to inspire readers to examine the relationship between our beliefs and our day to day experiences. It’s a relationship that requires first that we establish the habit of observing the mind in order to make the connection between the mind, the thoughts it thinks and our experiences. The “how” of observing the mind and experiences, particularly in the workplace, is the subject of 16 Mondays – for people who hate their jobs.

Being totally unaware of this relationship, one may have difficulty relating to anything that I discuss here about a shift from working and earning to gifting, sharing and co-creating. This difficulty may inspire a reader to seek more information, which is my intention, or it could result in a reader never visiting the blog again; definitely not my intention.

Bottom line, the planet that I envision and share in the blog is a result of the many years that I studied A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery and numerous other teachings designed to guide the human experience away from its current path. Those teachings involve an unrelenting and radical re-examination of our identity, the role and workings of the mind and the purpose of the human experience. The shifts that I have made and the impact of those shifts on the belief in working and earning are the results of accepting those teachings as true and valid, and accepting that living those teachings will result in a different human experience. That shift moves our experience out of the state of separation consciousness, the cause of insanity that has pervaded this planet, to a state of Universal Consciousness, a state that will plant us firmly on the path of the original purpose for the human experience: the translation and expression of Spirit in physical form.

What I advocate for is what I imagine or envision as the result of a global shift in consciousness.  Working and earning are beliefs of the separated consciousness; co-creating in communion with human and non-human communities for the well-being of all is an “idea” in alignment with Universal Consciousness. Owing and debt are beliefs of the separated consciousness; gifting and sharing are “ideas” in alignment with Universal Consciousness. These ideas are shared with us as a result of living in a state of consciousness that is Universal.

Another, and hopefully clearer, way of saying all of this is, when our behavior reflects the belief that life must be earned, the belief that we must pay for living on this planet, we misrepresent who we are by presenting ourselves as limited and lacking in the power to create our own experience. We deny that we “are” expressing as and expressions of Universal Consciousness.

Naturally, none of what I have just said is logical to the mind that we, as separated beings, have trained to think. It is why establishing an initial practice of observing the relationship between thought and experience is so crucial.  

It is not until then that the beliefs in working, earning, owing, paying and debt can be seen for what they truly are: insane and passing dreams in the split and separated mind.  

Akilah – December 28, 2018