Let’s face it: Channeling is something that we all do. It’s only when we receive a message that is out of alignment with the norm do we question the source, the receiver and the nature of the information.

The majority of us are tuned in and open to receiving messages from popular media outlets, let’s say for example CNN. If I happen to mention to a group of people that I heard a report on CNN about the United States’ military involvement in the Sudan, there will likely be someone who was tuned in and in receipt of the same information. Because CNN is broadcasted worldwide, thousands, if not millions, of other people are tuned in. Whether or not we all agree on the accuracy or the validity of the information is not relevant. What I want to point out here is that we are receivers of information from sources that are familiar to us all.

Newspapers, magazines, 6 o’clock news reports, Twitter and Instagram are also sources of information that we all have some familiarity with. These sources are easily accessed. If you have access to a computer, then all you need do is put google news or yahoo news in the search engine and receive a summary of world events. You can tune in to the 10 or 11 o’clock news on ABC, CBS or NBC television station and get a summary of the daily happenings in your city and community.

Sometimes I want to know what the weather might be on a particular day, and not having heard or read a weather report, I may ask my daughter who stays informed about the news and the weather. She will often tell me if it is going to rain, if a storm is expected or if the forecast is for a bright sunny day. When my daughter tells me what she’s heard, she’s channeling information.

The difference between my daughter and, say, Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, is in the tuning. My daughter uses the remote control to turn on the television and tune in to one of the preset and easily accessed channels (nobody changes the channel manually anymore). Lee Carroll tunes in to a channel or frequency within to receive messages from Kryon. The sources of the information that we are most familiar with, ABC, CNN, Al Jezeera, are generated by the belief system we live under. But in the case of Lee Carroll, the Source is the generator of the messages received from Kryon. In other words Lee Carroll and other channelers simply tune in to the Source that is within and One with all of us, who chooses the medium for the information channeled. It may be a group of entities (as in Abraham Hicks), or the information could be channeled directly, as in the channeling of books, i.e. A Course in Miracles.

Here is another aspect of channeling that may assist you in distinguishing the difference between the Source (or source in the case of the separation) and the information that is channeled:

All the information channeled and received from the source of the separation is the same and reflects the separation. All of the information channeled and received from the Source is the same and reflects our in-severable relationship with It; the Love that It is and that We are. The information that is channeled and received from the source we are most familiar with is rarely hopeful, and almost always abysmal, whereas the information from the Source is nothing short of joy, the true nature of reality, the highest good: vibrant health, abundance, prosperity, love for all life and the planet.

Many of us who listen to and read channeled works have ones that we favor. I am no different, so the following short list contains a few of the books and the channelers that I most often read and listen to. Almost all of these channelers, except for maybe Jane Roberts, have numerous videos of their channelings available online on Youtube. You’ll find that this information is a radical shift from the information that you’ll hear on FOX.




Jane Roberts was probably one of the most popular channelers in the U.S., and Seth is considered to be the world’s most loved spiritual teachers. Roberts channeled Seth for more than 20 years, published roughly 10 Seth channelings; she also wrote poetry and novellas. My favorite Seth book is The Nature of Personal Reality. Here is the link to the Seth Learning Center for more information on Roberts and the teachings of Seth:






Esther Hicks channeling AbrahamAbraham

Speaking of Seth, it is said that Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham, studied Roberts’ work and then began to channel Abraham. I don’t think that she is channeling Seth. The two women and the channelings are of a different style, with Abraham using far more humor than Seth. Esther Hicks allows many of the sessions with Abraham to be uploaded on Youtube, where you will find tons of sessions with invaluable information. My personal favorite is the book Ask and It is Given, which offers more specific techniques that are missing from The Nature of Personal Reality.







Alice Bailey / The TibetanThe Tibetan

Alice Bailey wrote over twenty books that were channeled to her by an energy she referred to as the Tibetan or by the initials D.K. Most all of the books are theosophical and metaphysical in nature. Bailey is said to have first coined the popular term “new age.” This is the hardcore stuff, and the books are extremely dense. My favored text is Discipleship in the New Age.






Sanaya Roman / OrinOrin

Channeled by Sanaya Roman. Orin is simply spoken of as a being of love and light. Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power & Spiritual Transformation was my first Orin book. It is a fun and lively read with enjoyable exercises.




 “Loving the self involves faith and trust and belief in who you are, and a willingness to take action upon it.”

~ Orin




Lee Carrol / KryonKryon

Channeled by Lee Carroll. Kryon does not have a wide audience. His channelings are very esoteric and nonlinear.Most are based on physics, a physics that hasn’t been discovered yet! Kryon is the master of “recalibration.” Carroll also allows his channeling sessions to be uploaded to Youtube, so you can familiarize yourself with Kryon. This is the link to his end-of-the-year channeling that I mentioned in the introduction. 







Helen SchucmanA Course in Miracles

ACIM is a self-study curriculum designed for spiritual transformation employing “forgiveness,” as the way and the means. It has been pejoratively referred to as the “new age bible.” It was received by Helen Schucman, a clinical and research psychologists at Columbia University in New York. It has been rumored that Schucman never believed that she was channeling the voice of Christ; nevertheless, it has been translated into more than 25 languages, and there are study groups all over the world. This is the link to the documentary on ACIM and how it came about.






Mari PerronA Course in Love

While ACIM is for the mind, ACOL is for the heart. I cannot imagine how one can get through ACOL without having the preparatory deconstruction of the separation that is so judiciously carried out in ACIM. The way of the creation of the new earth is addressed in detail in ACOL. The first receiver of this course is Mari Perron, who has written several other books, including Creation of the New and The Given Self  both explorations of themes from ACOL. Christ consciousness is the voice of ACIM and ACOL. Both are the most powerful courses that I have taken and that have highly influenced my life.





Darryl Anka / BasharBashar

Channeled by Darryl Anka, Bashar describes himself as a being of extraterrestrial origin, a friend from the future who has spoken for the past 30 years through Anka. Bashar emphasizes parallel realities. This video is of an extensive interview with Anka, who explains how he came to channel Bashar.