Winter, 2017 Becoming Earth Stewards

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I just finished with John Francis’ “Planet Walker: 17 years of silence. 22 years of walking.” Taking a vow to not use motorized vehicles, Francis was motivated by the San Francisco Bay oil spill (1971). Shortly thereafter, he took a vow of silence that he maintained for 17 years. “Planet Walker” is Francis’ journal and …

Winter, 2017 Film Review: “RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World”

Buffy Sainte-Marie
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 Resistance and protest is nothing new to the North American Indigenous. What is new, however, is how Indigenous resistance and protest has contributed to the genre of American rock and roll music. As a global community, we are experiencing a shit-load of skeletons coming out of the closets and woodwork. The documentary “RUMBLE” takes a …

Winter, 2017 The Art of Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie

Grandpa Banks
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In an age of reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Cake Boss and BBQ Pit Masters, with food and drink restaurant profits at $766B in 2016, Americans may be watching the Food Network, but they’re eating out. My family included, despite our grandfather being the first African American to own a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. My …

Winter, 2017 Learning and the Bottom Line

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Learning is serious business in this country, especially learning in order to earn or secure employment. Children are taught early the value of education and its relationship to earning a living; a good job puts food on the table and pays the bills. Learning to earn is the key to financial success and security. But …

September, Fall edition, 2017. Return to Divine Stewardship

Bozeman, Montana
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“A Drone Flew Over a Pig Farm,” from Upworthy. “Whole Food’s Free Range Chickens Have Come Home to Roost,” American Council of Science and Health. Please don’t skip over the comments on this one! And just in case you haven’t heard, Amazon bought Whole Food’s and declared that there was no reason why the …