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July, 2017. In the context of the dominant perception of the world that human beings hold, no life matters.

August, 2017.* When the assertion is made that the world is an illusion, more explanation and clarification is necessary, no doubt.  Human consciousness is the awareness of “what is” and “who we are” from the perspective of the “finite” mind, not the Infinite Mind of God or All that Is. “What is” according to the finite mind is a world composed of material objects; from the Infinite Mind of God, what is and who we are is Love. Delving into this distinction is the stuff that A Course in Miracles explores. Accordingly there is a “real” world. That world is the Infinite Field of Awareness out of which, or in which, experience of objects or forms, are experienced, without changing or modifying that Infinite Field of Awareness. Another way of saying Infinite Awareness is simply Infinite Consciousness. A Course in Miracles examines and questions the world that the perception of this “finite” mind has made, comparing it to the perception of the world by the Infinite Mind of God, a world that Jesus Christ lived in and demonstrated in his short time on this planet.    

Now most would say that given the conflictual nature and divisiveness of life on this planet, the destruction of the environment, the wars, the egregious economic inequality, what sense does it make to distract from the “real” issues by asking esoteric questions like “what is” and “who are we.” But it is precisely that we have been programmed by this “finite” mind to ask such a question while having reduced the world and all the life upon it to objects that the conflictual nature of life on this planet is what we are experiencing.

That “Infinite Field of Awareness” or “Eternal Consciousness” is who we are, and our experience here is an experience of being and expressing Eternal Consciousness in physical form. Life lived by and according to the “finite” mind, our form is what now receives all of our attention, all of the conflict in the world is based on our acceptance of the perception of the “finite” mind, not the Eternal Consciousness that has given rise to it and that defines who we all are in truth.  Consciousness gives rise to form. We don’t have a body first in order to receive consciousness. We are consciousness eternal, so saying before time and after time is pointless. It sounds circular, but if you contemplate it for even just a minute or two, you will see the perfect sense of it.  

Eventually the faith that we have placed in the finite mind will exhaust us and make the return Home to Infinite Consciousness inevitable. Having fulfilled its role in this adventure, the “finite” mind will simply be enfolded in Infinite Consciousness out of which it arose (like it is always doing). We, then, can get on with the business of creating the New Earth that reflects the awareness of our awareness of who we truly are.

“Love flies on its own wings and knows no laws. It is the emergence of grace that wrests us from the hypnosis of separation.” Francis Lucille

*I don’t even pretend to know how to use the language of separation to write about unity consciousness. I might never know how. So forgive the glaring contradictions.   

August 30, 2017.   I can count the number of people of African descent who are non-dualist,  who I am familiar with, on my right hand, or my left. It doesn’t matter. I only need 3 fingers. Mooji (b.January 29, 1954) from Jamaica, lives in the UK. Mostly teaches in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and every now and then holds talks and retreats in the U.S.; a student of Papaji (October, 1910-September, 1997) who was a devotee of one of the most well-known Indian teachers/gurus in the Advaita tradition, Ramana Maharshi.  2) Sonia Barrett was born in Jamaica and came to the U.S. with her parents when she was 3 years old. Barrett focuses her teachings on the programs of separation and duality, or the programs of the “matrix.” For this non-dualist whose ideas are a meld of science and spirituality, “human being” is nothing more than a matrix program.  She uses the separation in service to unity consciousness. She is also the author of several books, including Health an Inside Job an Outside Business: Our State of Health is Mainly Governed by Marketing, Conditioned Beliefs and Misinformation. 3) Rebekah Maroon, author of This is God: An Expression of Non-Separation. Based in the U.K. Maroon has a few videos on the web. She is the youngest to appear on the stage of the non-duality dialogue.


“There is a presence, a silence, a stillness which is here by itself. There is no doer of it, no creator of this stillness. It is simply here in you, with you. It is the fragrance of your own self. There is nothing to do about this, it is naturally present. This fragrance of peace, this spaciousness, it is the fragrance of your own being.” ~Mooji

September 3rd/4th, 2017. Sometimes I think I could create all day. In the morning, I can go out in the garden. I can come back in, shower, make a big lunch, eat and start writing.  Or I can quilt, crochet, or knit. But lately, I’ve been painting and reorganizing my studio space. I’m contemplating an idea of creating or transforming my house into an Art Monastery. A friend in Vermont mentioned that she was attending a silent retreat at an Art Monastery, and hearing this rekindled the idea.

This summer I took a couple of online courses (and this is it for me and online courses), from Abbey of the Arts. I discovered this course from reading The Artist Rule: Nurturing Your Soul With Monastic Wisdom. Between this book, the online course and the reading of Wayne Teasdale’s A Monk in the World, I’m contemplating how art, not just mine, becomes an act of service. When I sit down to write an article on the workplace, or when I Tweet about the workplace, I am aware of how words and ideas can serve and inspire a shift in consciousness. Maybe that’s all the service I can realistically handle right now.

I did a couple of yarn bombings, but been too immersed in doing the studio to get back to it. Besides, I have to go downtown or to one of the public train stations at night and bomb a pole in order to avoid the police.

September 10, 2017. A trip to the Camden Aquarium. It is to sea life what zoos are to animals, a prison. Both are a part of the prison industrial complex. I just think that we don’t associate zoos and aquariums with imprisonment because of how we identify, classify or categorize non-humans. We believe that only humans can be imprisoned and enslaved.  I’ve even come to see how botanical gardens and conservatories are plant prisons. I visited a conservatory in Columbus, Ohio back in June.  There were plants in the conservatory that were native to Australia, and they were confined to enclosures that attempted to mimic an Australian environment.

The butterfly garden was also a confined and controlled environment, with butterflies from all over the world. Attempting to recreate a modified version (always a piss-poor version) of creation or the very belief that creation can be improved upon is human consciousness. This error results in and contributes to the suffering experienced on this planet.

Shark Tank at the Camden Aquarium


September 15, 2017. I stayed up half the night in an attempt to read Rupert Spira’s The Nature of Consciousness. He is a classical Advaita Vedanta teacher, but with a slight twist and a working knowledge of A Course in Miracles, which also uses the method of “self-inquiry” to loosen the mind from the belief in separation. I had become so accustomed to Eckhart Tolle, that I thought it was time for a change. Right now, I am more interested in how to maintain the state of being aware of being aware. For those of you who are at this juncture, I would suggest Robert Wolfe and Robert Adams (who died a day before he and Spira were to meet).  Adams, Wolfe and Spira address “All That Is” in a strict Advaita style that I can relate to. All three, including Tolle, are masters at using the language of separation, or duality, to dialogue about non-duality.

“Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourselves and the world are so deeply ingrained that we are unaware that they are beliefs and take them, without question, as absolute truth.” Rupert Spira

September 16, 2017. One of my grandsons’ birthday is today. He is 11. He’s a virgo.

“Virgo is the sign of the helper and they love to feel useful by lending a hand. Create games out of their chores. If anyone could turn dishwashing into an imaginary activity, it’s this kid.” Astrostyle

September 17, 2017. Once the veil has been lifted from the illusion of objective reality remaining faithful to form-conditions, creeds, religion, culture, politics, all beliefs etc., becomes a nerve wrecking challenge. Trying to do so only creates more resistance to our attraction to all that is really real, Consciousness. It’s like driving with the emergency brakes on. If you have ever mistakenly driven your car in that condition, then you know what it can do to the car’s engine. Now that I think about it, that example does not do justice to the reality of the experience. What this resistance actually is, is the residue or previous conditioning of the belief in separation that we’ve practiced for millennia.

I experience this resistance. The mind must be re-conditioned. The release of this resistance and the acceptance of what is, is what A Course In Miracles and even more so A Course of Love assists us in doing.




September 21, 2017. I heard that a Zen master, on his death bed, was asked how he was doing. His reply was that he was doing very well, that it was his body that was having problems getting on the same page with him. Yes. A Zen master!

“A free spirit is not bound by this, that, matter, materialism or opinion. They sing, dance and flow on the wind – for they are at one with it. They are nothing and everything – void and expanse. Even space and time does not confine or define them. For they are pure energy itself.” – Rasheed Ogunlaru