The Call to Create Winter Edition, 2019

“Oh Say Why Can’t You See” by Akilah t’Zuberi for the “Divided Nation” exhibition at the Mount Airy Art Garage, Philadelphia, PA. September 22, 2018-October 19, 2018
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I subscribe to the online ArtBlog. As a practicing artist, I found the article on how dreams can help with art practice very informative. And because I try but fail miserably on staying on top of what’s going on in the outsider and insider art world, I was pleased to read the article on 5 …

Fall 2018 – The Call to Create

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Creativity – Where the Human and the Divine Meet by Matthew Fox Creativity begins at home. That is where we sleep, dress, eat, prepare for work, recover from work, get to know our kids, and communicate with those dearest to us. In all the endeavors of home life, creativity can play a major role. –from …

The Call to Create – summer edition, 2018

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In April, 2014, shocking details emerged about the political corruption that led to Flint’s water crisis. A small city, but always a big news’ headline, Flint, Michigan is considered one of the most violent cities in the U.S. But in this spirited, photographic essay, Laurie Thompson reveals the Flint that embraces its past and present, …

Soul Collage

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 Soul Collage. I’d been hearing about it for the past two or three years.  Then during our breakfast date in Oaxaca, Mexico, in the spring of 2017, a friend and art therapist, Nancy Clingan, asked me if she could order a book and send it to my house in Philadelphia to bring back to Oaxaca …

Winter, 2017 The Art of Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie

Grandpa Banks
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In an age of reality shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Cake Boss and BBQ Pit Masters, with food and drink restaurant profits at $766B in 2016, Americans may be watching the Food Network, but they’re eating out. My family included, despite our grandfather being the first African American to own a restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. My …