Fall 2018, Stewards – of Earth & Home

Putney, Vermont. June, 2018.
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I was talking with my daughter about ADD. She said that studies reveal that a 30 minute walk in the morning through the forest or the woods contributes mightily to a sense of calm and well-being throughout the day for children with this difference. Imagine that! This revelation points to the ideas discussed in Paul …

The Return to Divine Stewardship (or something like it), summer edition 2018

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Review: The Natural Alien: Human and Environment, 2nd edition by Neil Evernden “This is the book that started me on my career as an environmental writer/philosopher.” Derrick Jensen   In the preface to the second edition, Evernden wastes few words and delves straight into the essence of our environmental crisis: “We must begin, however, with …

Co-Creating & Stewardship

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Spring Edition, 2018 focus photographic essay, The Wisdom of Trees: Mysteries, Magic, and Medicine, Jane Gifford. Packed full of history, medicinal wisdom and folklore, for personal, spiritual and emotional caring. Readings on co-creating a sustainable and regenerative relationship with the Earth. I thought I would share some of my readings here for considering the development …

Winter, 2017 Becoming Earth Stewards

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I just finished with John Francis’ “Planet Walker: 17 years of silence. 22 years of walking.” Taking a vow to not use motorized vehicles, Francis was motivated by the San Francisco Bay oil spill (1971). Shortly thereafter, he took a vow of silence that he maintained for 17 years. “Planet Walker” is Francis’ journal and …

Winter, 2017 Film Review: “RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World”

Buffy Sainte-Marie
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 Resistance and protest is nothing new to the North American Indigenous. What is new, however, is how Indigenous resistance and protest has contributed to the genre of American rock and roll music. As a global community, we are experiencing a shit-load of skeletons coming out of the closets and woodwork. The documentary “RUMBLE” takes a …